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What is Shopbox?

Shopbox is an AI-powered adaptive shopping experience platform. It transforms a generic online store into one that learns about each individual visitor, including the 95% that are anonymous traffic. From their very first click, it begins to assist, curate and advise, constantly adapting in real-time throughout their entire shopping journey. By presenting relevant permutations based on their interests and behaviour, it provides a uniquely tailored shopping experience. This better experience leads to happier, repeat customers, higher order value and ultimately, more revenue for you.

Customer Service

Shopbox is built on a deep understanding of in-store shopping behaviour, great customer service and how to replicate it online.

1st Click

Shopbox gets to know your site visitors from the second they enter your store, supporting them throughout their entire shopping journey.

Adaptive Store

The Shopbox experience is unique, delivering an AI-powered adaptive store for a tailored shopping experience like no other.

Set & Forget

Simply set it and forget it, with no lengthy implementations, internal resources or ongoing maintenance required.

How is it different?

Engage Customers from the First Click

The customer is at the centre of our platform. From their first click, Shopbox essentially asks “How can I help you?” Your store becomes theirs, constantly adapting to their behaviour and areas of interest. Your customers’ actions are telling you what they want and Shopbox assists, curates and recommends relevant products to them. It helps your customers make decisions in the aisles – they view more products as they move through the store, adding more to their basket, before reaching the checkout.

“Shopbox guides customers through our wide selection and seems to understand what each shopper is looking for, even when they have not yet made up their mind.”

- Orla McFaddan, Greenes Shoes

Put the customer at the centre

What if the purchase wasn’t completed in a single session? Well you know that great feeling when you walk back into a store and the assistant remembers you and has put aside what you were previously looking at. Shopbox does the same, presenting the products the visitor expressed past interest in, removing their need to go through the laborious search process all over again. Being remembered creates that sensation of feeling important and valued, which is a great customer experience.

Make every visitor feel welcome

We understand retail is a fast-paced industry needing to react and adapt quickly to customer demands and competitive realities. Time to market is critical. Every day there is a delay, costs money in terms of missed sales, lost market share and a drain on internal resources. This is why Shopbox is designed to make the customer’s shopping journey more efficient and also save the retailer time. It can be integrated into your generic eCommerce website in minutes, converting it into a dynamic sales engine that delivers improvements and competitive advantage immediately.

“They’re great to deal with – they definitely made the implementation process very easy.”

- Valerie Mc Carthy, Head of eCommerce, Tilestyle

Share relevant ideas that are unique to them

Shopbox is a set-it-and-forget-it platform. There are no up-front costs. It doesn’t need any internal IT resources to manage or deploy. Ongoing catalogue management is handled automatically, as well as pricing updates. Cyber Monday, integrating new seasonal stock, promotions, category re-balancing - all are managed automatically by our AI, freeing up your merchandisers to focus on more productive tasks.

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