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Frequently Asked Questions

Personalisation is an overused term and to be honest, hasn’t a great reputation. Unlike other offerings in the market, Shopbox doesn’t rely on large amounts of stored or real-time data to generate personas or segments and then shoehorn your site visitors into the one they think is the closest match. Shopbox’s AI translates the real-time product interactions, interests and behaviours of each unique visitor and provides curated recommendations, cross-sell or upsell options. This tailored experience engages the visitor more, resulting in increased site stickiness, category and product catalogue penetration, session duration, basket size, AOV and conversion.
But the benefits are not confined to your customers’ experience. Due to the ease of getting Shopbox on your website and the fact it is a set it and forget it platform, your business saves time and money, being able to redeploy team members away from mundane category management and merchandising to far more productive tasks.