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Sunday Business Post Feature

Sunday Business Post Feature

I'm thrilled to be featured in the Sunday Business Post. It was great talking to Donal about how we're innovating online retail at Shopbox.

In 2021, we experienced a whirlwind year. We expanded Shopbox to major international retailers, released new products, expanded our team and raised funds to support our rapid growth.

We're on a mission to radically innovate online retail. The competition in retail is increasing every day and has accelerated over the last couple of years. To combat this, the most prominent retailers have used AI technology to understand and better service their customers. But this technology is complex, highly specialised and eludes most retailers. At Shopbox, we are on a mission to make this technology and our deep understanding of shopping behaviour available to any retailer, regardless of size and resources.

Read on to find out how we're transforming the future of Retail—and driving a 3X uplift in conversion rates.