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AI Powered eCommerce Personalisation

Enhance customer experience and super-charge your online store revenue by matching shoppers to products they'll love based on what they are interested in. All with zero effort.


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It’s like walking back into our physical store and the human assistant not only recognises you, but also remembers what you were interested in when you visited previously.

Valerie McCarthy

Head of eCommerce, TileStyle.

Why Do Retailers Choose Shopbox?

Harness the power of shopper psychology

Shopbox is not your typical personalisation tool. It was created out of a deep understanding of shopping psychology and consumer behaviour.

The result is a platform that changes a generic eCommerce website into an adaptive, dynamic online retail store with smart merchandising that tailors the experience based on the unique real-time shopping behaviour of your customers.

Guide your visitors from landing to checkout

Shopbox gets to know your site visitors from the second they enter your online retail store and supports them throughout their entire shopping journey.

Unlike other tools that try to convert in the cart, Shopbox provides a tailored shopping experience, guiding and curating relevant product recommendations every step of the way, just like an instore shopping assistant.

Fast to implement and easy to maintain

Shopbox is a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ platform. Depending on your eCommerce solution, your store can be transformed into a dynamic sales engine in mere minutes. No need for IT resources or upfront costs. No need for teams of merchandisers manually updating your store.

Our artificial intelligence dynamically manages your catalogue merchandising and automatically handles new products, pricing and promotion changes with ease. This is highly beneficial at peak season sales periods such as back to school or Cyber Monday.

Increase your bottom line

Delivering the double benefit of decreased implementation and online store operation costs, combined with increased customer product views, increased basket size and boosted conversion, Shopbox clients see a significant impact on their profitability. Typically our clients benefit from a 300% increase in conversion, up to a 40% increase in AOV and a 20% increase in customer retention.

Praise for Shopbox AI.

Shopbox helps customers by providing intelligent options, in a way that is helpful without being intrusive


Director of eCommerce

Tony Kealys

I was impressed at just how quickly and easily we got Shopbox installed and up and running

Brian Higgins


Abc school supplies

With over 20 years in the industry, I can safely say that Shopbox is the most important and disruptive change to online shopping that I have experienced.

Alex Ruthen

Senior Consultant

Ruthenium Retail